Mariani Packing chooses Loftware Smartflow to manage product packaging


Mariani Packing Company, Inc. (Mariani), the world’s largest family-owned producer of premium dried fruit, will work with Loftware, Inc. to automate their packaging artwork management processes using the Smartflow solution from Loftware. Through this new partnership, Mariani hopes to improve its existing processes, strengthen collaboration with the stakeholders involved and reduce time to market for marketing their products to end consumers and their large private label customers.

Prior to committing to Loftware, Mariani handled the artwork management and workflow approval processes through tedious manual efforts, such as email attachments and cover folders. The Smartflow solution will provide Mariani with an efficient and streamlined cloud-based workflow solution to manage their entire packaging design and approval process for more than 200 dried fruit product SKUs, whether they are produce and deliver to more than 40,000 locations in the United States and more than 65 countries around the world.

“We were refreshing the brand and at the same time, we knew it made sense to find an online platform that could meet all of the artwork management needs of our growing business. ”Said Kristine Bonovich, Mariani Packing Senior Business Manager. “Smartflow can be fully customized for all of our business requirements, while providing a workflow solution that can help in other areas of our business, supporting our Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) initiative at scale. of the company. Smartflow offers endless possibilities, ”she added.

A configurable and automated artwork management platform, Loftware’s Smartflow is a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) solution that eliminates manual processes and all paper files by making all content accessible in the cloud. It streamlines the packaging process from concept to shelf with customized workflows to increase efficiency and virtually eliminate manual errors. With improved visibility into all stages of a project, Smartflow improves stakeholder collaboration through online verification and ensures accountability with urgent task reminders. Smartflow also offers version control, reducing IT involvement, to help ensure control and compliance.

Mariani just had her “launch” with Loftware Smartflow in July, with additional plans to roll out the solution to other areas of the business in the following months. With the new Smartflow solution, multiple stakeholders can review artwork in parallel and further enable digital collaboration with the company’s external suppliers and partners.

“Loftware Smartflow will help us save time and money,” said Kristine Bonovich, Senior Business Manager at Mariani Packing.

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