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Gear Patrol Senior Art Director Andrew Haynes is an expert in product packaging. After taking a close look at Apple’s latest standout product, the AirPods, he had a lot to say about the box. Yes, the box. Results? Apple’s packaging proves that for the world’s most popular tech company, no detail is too small.


The photograph of the AirPods on the box cover is embossed, a technique that (we believe) Apple first introduced to the iPhone 6’s packaging as a phantom outline of this product. On the AirPod packaging, it’s barely noticeable until you run your hand over the otherwise clear white surface. Apple has raised the surface just enough to give it a feature that puts the product forward. You can tell what it is by touch alone.

Premium Stock

The unboxing experience begins with the retractable outer barrier, which is placed so that the clear plastic seam wraps neatly around the center of the box. For maximum satisfaction when digging up your new AirPods (or any Apple product), run a knife or razor blade along the four spaces where the lid and bottom of the box meet, then remove the perfect piece by piece packaging. Underneath the plastic, you’ll find that Apple also doesn’t skimp on the stock of durable boxes, on which it appears the brand has switched to a new satin finish. The custom typeface is the latest from Apple, San Francisco, and is stamped in silver.

Never lose the suction (perfect)

Have you ever noticed that the lids and bottoms of many product packages do not come apart easily and require a shake or pull to open? This is largely due to a small void inside the box. Apple is investigating this void and, according to rumor, has precisely timed the time it takes for the bottom half of the package to come loose and separate under its own weight when the box is held by the lid. This serves a dual function: it both creates anticipation and prevents a product from suddenly dropping. If you drop your gadget later, it’s up to you. But while you’re with the packaging, Apple still wants full control of the experience.

Strict minimum

Apple doubles the minimalist aesthetic on the interior. No twist ties (paper tie instead), no more shrink wrap, no tape. Only the necessities, all shaped and textured beautifully.

Intentional order

With Apple, there are no coincidences. The contents of the package are presented in a logical fashion: you have to unbox everything in a sequence that creates anticipation as you go. Flip the Apple-required “Made by Apple in California” cover, which contains the manual, to finally reveal the AirPods. They are held by a molded cradle made from sustainably harvested bamboo fiber and bagasse, a by-product of sugar cane making. To complete the experience, their Lightning cable sits under the AirPods, you won’t need it right away – Apple knows you want your device to come fully charged.

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